Andrea CefaloBesides being the award-winning author of The Fairytale Keeper series, I am a self-proclaimed medievalist, hopeless bookworm, and social media junkie. Some call my obsession with Grimm’s fairytales and the dark underbelly of Medieval Europe unhealthy.  I call it inspiration.

While daydreaming in a children’s literature course, I wondered if one person could have been the origin of Grimm’s fairytales. Then, I wondered what that person’s life would have been like. That led me down a rabbit hole of research. Five years later, The Fairytale Keeper series was published.  It was a quarter-finalist in Amazon’s 2013 Breakthrough Novel Contest that Publisher’s Weekly called a “resonant tale set late in the 13th century… with unexpected plot twists. An engaging story of revenge.” Since then, I’ve published the sequel, The Countess’ Captive, and am currently writing three more books in the series.

So if you’re into what I’m into, follow me into my dark, sometimes snarky writerly world. And if you’re so inclined…BUY MY BOOKS.

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