Reviews of The Fairytale Keeper

Professional Reviews of The Fairytale Keeper

“…a unique twist on the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Part fairy tale retelling, part historical fiction….  The Fairy Tale Keeper is a story of corruption, devotion, and tough decisions.”  -Copperfield Review

“Really great story. …Reminds me of many of the great historical fiction pieces that I have read…” -ABNA Expert Reviewer

“…Strong emotion injected into almost every page…making the experience of reading the story very real for the reader. The characters and setting are very well done and the story moves along at a good pace.”  -ABNA Expert Reviewer

Book Blog Reviews of The Fairytale Keeper

“The story that Cefalo weaves is intriguing and leaves you hanging on, wanting more.”  -Hooked to Books Young Adult Book Review Blog

“…it doesn’t feel like any retelling. Because its not. The Fairytale Keeper is its own unique story…very entertaining, containing a strong female role, a sweet romance, and much more.”  Lulu The Bookworm Young Adult Book Review Blog

Fan Reviews of The Fairytale Keeper

“an incredibly refreshing take on the famous fairytale persona of Snow White. …intricate descriptions make one feel that they are there, experiencing the …scenery, smells, and tastes.” -Amazon Reader Review

“The medieval story, which incorporates well known tales, has been knit together very carefully with unexpected twists, turns and surprises.”  -Amazon Reader Review

“If you haven’t been fortunate enough to read ‘The Fairytale Keeper’ by Andrea Cefalo yet I highly recommend that you do. ” Amazon Reader Review

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