Roses of the War of the Roses

Ladies of The War of the Roses Month

Red Rose of Lancaster

It’s finally April: spring-time in most of the Northern Hemisphere, but for those of us who live in the South, it’s practically summer.  It’s time to pull out shorts, go for walks, and stop to smell the roses.  I’ve been a bad little blogger this past month.  To be honest, I’ve been pretty busy writing the sequel to The Fairytale Keeper, but a recent article inspired me, and got my medievalist juices flowing.  For the rest of the month, I bring you roses.  More specifically, I will bring you the roses of the war of the roses.  Each post will feature a famous female player from this infamous time period in medieval England.  I hope you enjoy!

Below, I’ve inserted a family tree that will allow the reader to see how key players of The War of the Roses are related.



War of the Roses Family Tree