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11 Game Of Thrones Memes that Perfectly Describe How We Feel About Season Five


Between Sansa Stark’s rape and John Snow’s murder, season five pissed off a lot of Game of Thrones fans. But at least there’s a little good news. All that death and destruction became great fodder for meme creators who so perfectly summed up how we felt during season five.

1. Poor Jorah Mormont. Between catching grayscale, getting kidnapped, and his constant rejection from Dany, this guy can’t catch a break.Sad Jorah Mormont
2. Sansa’s wedding night made us wonder if she wouldn’t have been better off with Joffrey. 3. When Lancel threatened Cersei and we felt like stabbing him in the throat for being a total hypocrite.

Lancel fucks over his family

4. When Dany took Jorah’s hand and we’re glad he saved her…but wait. No, Dany! Grayscale!ser jorahgrey scale5. As soon as we saw her hug her kids, we knew she was going to die. Still, we hoped…dead in five minutes6. When John got on the boat and this badass white walker resurrected everyone he just killed to make them a part of his corpse army…even that awesome warrior mom who just died.come at me crow7.  When Meryn Trant turned down several teenage sex slaves and we couldn’t help but wonder what he meant by “too old.”
too old

8. When Shireen was burned and we became okay with George R.R. Martin killing a few more people as long as they were Stannis, Melisandre, Ramsay, and Roose.

9. When Dany abandoned pretty much everyone and we’re like WTF…

dany ditches misandei10. How we now feel about the Night’s Watch.hate meme11. And what we’re pretty sure George R.R. Martin does in his spare time. george rr martin smashing characters

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