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Get The Fairytale Keeper for Free

Kindle Fire: Out of the Box

Kindle Fire: Out of the Box (Photo credit: Brian Sawyer)

So you got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and you’re already sick of playing Angry Birds?  What’s a girl to do?  Time to fill that bad boy up with some great books.  Even better, fill it up with great, free books!

Do you have an Amazon Prime membership?  Well, if you do, today is your lucky day.  Amazon is giving The Fairytale Keeper to Amazon Prime members for (drum roll, please) FREE!  Click the link below to get your free copy.


Don’t have an Amazon Prime membership?  That’s okay.  Amazon has stilled marked the price down from $5.99 to $0.99.  Click the link above to get the ebook for 85% off.

Not a fan of ebooks?  Don’t have a kindle?  That’s okay.  Amazon is also selling the paperback for 15% off the cover price.  Click the link below to get The Fairytale Keeper in paperback.


Holiday Sale

shutterstock_11595145685% off the cover price.  The kindle version of The Fairytale Keeper is only 99 cents.

15% off the cover price.  The paperback version of The Fairytale Keeper is only $10.19.   Amazon sellers also offer new and used versions for as low a $2.30.

(Offers are done by Amazon and not under the control of the publisher.  Offer expires at the discretion of Amazon.  For a limited time only.)

The Amazing Mr. K’s and My First Signing

So today I had my first signing.  I was pretty nervous, but the people at Mr. K’s  (Greenville, SC)  were so gracious.  I had no idea what to expect because this was my first signing.  I (somewhat naively) ordered 100 books.  Unless you’re JK Rowling or have some sort of cult following, it’s unlikely that the turnout for an event is going to be huge so needless to say I haven plenty of books left over for the other two signings that I have this week.  That’s okay.  It would be a real problem if I had to cancel a signing because I couldn’t get enough books shipped to me.

All in all, I met some amazing people and did rather well in sales.  The staff even told me that people had come in earlier that week to request the book before it had even been released!  I owe a huge thanks to Ken M., Nancy C., Greg C., Becky K., Alyssa K., Katie C., Lydia C., Dana W., and the wonderful staff at Mr. K’s for making my first signing such a positive experience.